Frame (it) Yourself (2019)

Location: Arte Sella, Italy                                                                                                                                                                           

Term: February 2019 - March 2019                                                                                                                                                        

Type: Competition                                                                                                                                                                 

Etc. Submission for "Young Architects Competition - Calamity Atelier -"

Re-imagining the devastated "Nature-scape"

Frame (it) Yourself is a project that aims to give re-birth to Arte Sella by offering a platform where artists, visitors can re-imagine not only creativity, but also the existence of themselves through intermittent communication with various expressions of nature. The sets of proposed Architecture are formed completely by the language of nature, that is to introduce the "Nature-scape" as our core language of the design. Nature-scape can be a significant tool for people to reflect their emotions and to question their internal relationship with the magnificent nature with the help of Architectural creativity. As a strategy, the project frames theNature-scape in various ways corresponding to the distinct characteristics of Villa Strobele Garden and Malga Costa, as well as the required programs of the project. Here, people will experience the apogee of the inner experience and the gift of creative artworks by framing the nature by themselves.

Contrast of the Social Characteristics between the two site

The two project site, Villa Strobele Garden and Malga Costa can be described as a figure of contrast from the aspect of social characteristics. While Villa Strobele Garden offers an inner atmosphere enclosed by various forms of nature (trees, river, Arte in Nature,etc..),Malga Costa is composed of grass lands and hills, with a panoramic open view. The project emphasizes this geographical contrast by introducing a sequential experience; in Villa Strobele Garden, people will communicate with nature and artworks individually, while on the other hand, Malga Costa will be a place where people can interact socially with each other by sharing the creative experience of art and the opened view of nature.

Distant-view and Close range view

Each proposals are considered as a receptacle for visitors, artists to devote oneself to art experience while continuously communicating with the nature. The spatial concept focuses on this mode of communication; whether it's individual (personal) or social (shared). Based on this concept, the openings of each buildings were determined as "picture windows", a gateway of communication, which frames the Nature-scape according to each modes. Close range view will offer an opportunity for individuals to occupy the Nature-scape, to reflect oneself into the mysterious nature of Arte Sella. In contrast, Distant view will allow visitors, artists to share the experience of creativity and nature through the panoramic view framed by the buildings.

Modularity and Use of Local Woods 

The project emphasizes the use of Local woods in every form by adopting Modular Units as it's core construction method. By the help of local carpenters, existing woods as well as some of the damaged woods, will transform into modular units such asCLT Frames, Lattice Structure and Bark Shingle. Thus, all of the architectural proposals are engendered by such architectural language determined by the dynamism of nature, expressing the sustainable symbiosis and circulation with the wood cultures of Arte Sella. The provided proposals will function as a platform for cultural, creative activities, which are also supported by the blessing of local wood production, allowing a productive collaboration of Nature and Art Experience. 

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