Takuomi Samejima

Born in Tokyo, Japan / April 9 1995

Current Student at Yale University School of Architecture (M.Arch1)

Notion of sustainable awareness was the cornerstone and, unbeknownst to me, the force that eventually propelled me into the world of architecture.

During my childhood I enjoyed studying insects, their unusual forms and behavior, feeling a strange sense of accomplishment. However, I was aware of their disappearance and it was getting harder to find them with each passing year. Eventually, I understood this phenomenon was caused by rapid urbanization, destroying greenery, replacing it with a number of building districts in Tokyo. This “progress for the sake of progress” mindset was not only about the disappearance of my small friends, but rather, jeopardizing the life on Earth itself, bringing forth issues such as global warming, raising water levels...etc,creating the world of Anthropocene and Mass Extinction. Developing a healthy amount of skepticism towards the established concepts of built environment, I decided to major in architecture, and become a practicing architect, in hopes of achieving sustainable future as my primary goal and the core message of my work.


Yale University School of Architecture / M.Arch1 / 2019.9 - Present

Keio University Graduate School / MEng / Darko Radovic Lab / 2018.3 - 2019.8

Keio University / BEng / Darko Radovic Lab / 2014.4 - 2018.3

Aoyamagakuin Highschool / 2011.4 - 2014.3


Saisei Kenchiku Laboratory / Part-time job / 2018.6 - present

Sumitomo Realty & Development Co. Ltd / Part-time job / 2017.3 - 2018.8

Kengo Kuma and Associates / Part-time job / 2017.1 - 2018.6


2019 Fulbright Scholarship Student / Graduate Study in the United States / 2019.12 

Aoyamagakuin Mandai Scholarship / High School Valedictorian / 2013.3


3rd Place / "Ginchakai" Tea-ceremony House Competition 2019 / 2019.10 

Grand Prix / Association of Serbian Architect's Competition / 2019.4

Honorable Mention / 5th Annual Polus Architectural Student Design Competition / 2018.6

Honorable Mention / Circos International Architecture Competition / 2018.3

Top 8 Finalist / Fukuoka Design Review the Best Academic Works in Japan 2018 / 2018.3

Semi-Finalist (1st Place of Substitute Finalist)/ Sendai Design League the Best Graduation Works in Japan 2018 / 2018.3

1st Place / Preliminary Round of Sendai Design League 2018 / 2018.3

Short List / Europan 14 International Design Competition / 2017.10

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